The AFRIHERO Statistical Modelling, Informatics and Software Development Research Programme encompasses research in stochastic modelling, applied statistics, and their applications in key industry sectors such as business, finance, economics, and management consulting.

The programme activities are powered by research conducted primarily within the Statistics, Information Modelling and Financial Mathematics (SIMFIM) Research Group, Sheffield Hallam University, UK. The programme remits link statistical theory and practice to social innovation, socio-economic development, applied informatics, and collaborative software development, which will help to deploy derived solutions in associated problem environments.

The research programme implements collaborative MSc in Big Data, PhD and post-doctoral research supervision, and externally funded fellowship schemes in the above areas. Please see related PhD topics in the PhD Research Topics section of this website.

The programme has a strong commitment to excellence in theoretical and applied research and in providing model-based solutions to real world problems. It disseminates emerging results in these areas to local, regional, national, global stakeholders and communities of practice through academic publications, research reports, research cafe's, internships for beginning researchers, seminars and workshops, case studies, roundtables, specialist lunch/dinners discussions, strategic conferences and colloquia.