This research programme is the multidisciplinary research hub that drives learning, teaching and assessment (LTA) innovations, entrepreneurship education and enterprise development initiatives in higher educational institutions (HEIs). Activities within the programme focus on researching, understanding and integrating the theory and practices of learning and entrepreneurship in socio-economic development.

The research programme develops comprehensive resources for specialist and collaborative MSc, PhD, and post-doctoral research supervision and externally funded fellowship schemesin the above areas.

The programme researches the pathways for embedding entrepreneurship education within the curricula of specific disciplines. This will develop entrepreneurial intent, skills, attitudes and behaviours among HEI graduates from any field, not just business-oriented disciplines. Hence, for example, we aim to bring mathematical sciences graduates into enterprise based on fundamental business start-up skills and wider recognition of opportunities to add value using scientific knowledge.

Consequently, AFRIHERO senior academics have supervised a ground-breaking PhD research entitled The Pedagogy and Practice of Real Estate Management: Entrepreneurial Perspectives.

The AFRIHERO Education and Entrepreneurship Research Programme is led by Dr Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) and Professor Godfrey UDO (University of Uyo, Nigeria), together with other world renowned entrepreneurship scholars; the programme has a strong commitment to excellence in applied enterprise research and proven international reputation in providing entrepreneurship education guidance and policy solutions to HEIs and governments. The main research themes include:

  • Research directions in entrepreneurship and comparative global perspectives
  • Collaborative HEI-industry MSc-PhD research programmes and enterprise development
  • The nexus among entrepreneurship, enterprise teaching and employability education: implications for innovating higher education curricula in developing countries
  • Entrepreneurship in higher education: contexts, content and driving forces
  • Multi-stakeholder approaches to developing entrepreneurial HEIs
  • Models for facilitating person-centred entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial mind-set, intent, skills, attitudes and opportunity recognition
  • Business start-ups: key skills and advanced perspectives including future-hugging strategic planning
  • Academic entrepreneurship: frameworks, models and success criteria
  • Entrepreneurship, scientific innovation, creativity, national innovation systems, competitiveness, and high-growth products and services engineering
  • Entrepreneurial praxis: entrepreneurship and (M)SMEs, mainstreaming youth and women entrepreneurship
  • Related transnational education and knowledge transfer practices
  • Emerging perspectives