The AFRIHERO International Partnerships Programme nurtures our relationships with a number of development-focused organizations, in a way that adds superior value to Africa. As mentioned in our vision statement and notes in other AFRIHERO programmes, the relationships we cultivate with international organizations enable Africa to lead from the front the key socio-economic development agenda, such as stipulated in the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and related national development plans.

Consequently, the AFRIHERO International Partnerships Programme activities include:

  • Periodic reviews of world development reports to distil from them systematic research and intervention programmes, which profoundly impact the Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) landscape and related capacity building initiatives
  • Using insights from such reviews and knowledge of global best practices in collaborative partnerships aimed at radically improving HEI curricula, student learning experiences, staff development, research culture/infrastructure, institutional excellence in governance processes, high-impact civil society linkages, among other objectives
  • Developing better approaches for achieving whole-system excellence and effectiveness in the interventions, such that multiple stakeholders are impacted at the same time, with specific projects targeting the stakeholders e.g. students, staff, whole institutions, policy organs, customers and external stakeholders
  • Serving as an innovation engine to continually embed these capacities in partnership with African HEIs, especially in matters relating to upgrading the continent's competitiveness, innovation, growth and human development, in line with where the countries are and should be heading
  • Emerging perspectives

Examples of strategic reports envisaged relate to: the World Economic Forum; reports from UN organs; Global Education Initiative; Enterprise Development Reports; World Bank and African Development Bank Group; relevant Foundations e.g. the Bill and Melinda Gates' Foundation, Mo Ibrahim Foundation; national strategy reports e.g. Nigeria's Financial Services Strategy (FSS2020), Education Roadmap, Power Sector Roadmap, Strategic Policing and Security Plans, among others.

The AFRIHERO International Partnership Programme activities are led by the Director of Strategy, Research & Innovation, Dr Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE, assisted by the Lead Consultant for Development Studies/Informatics, Dr. Adegbola Ojo. The reports are typically lodged in the Reports section of the website and are sometimes linked to particular research programmes to which they relate.

Results from the programme activities are also widely disseminated through various channels e.g. seminars, workshops, publications, specialist lunch/dinners, and roundtables.