AFRIHERO Outreach Programmes focus on activities which help us to interact with selected organisations or sections of society in order to benefit their members. Examples are youths, women and professional associations. We identify significant areas of need on the part of those groups in order to collaborate with them towards resolving the needs.

For example, youth unemployment in developing countries like Nigeria is a huge problem for governments. We develop training programmes that up-skill higher education students and make them more employable. Solutions in this regard include training in modern research and problem solving methods, effective communication and presentation skills, use of relevant ICT/software tools in their disciplines, and more importantly entrepreneurship skills which use knowledge gained in specific disciplines.

For women, we consider the nature of empowerment through training which will enable them to work smarter and more productively despite family commitments. The aim is to see them have the tools for breaking through the proverbial career ceilings in key lines of work. Bespoke solutions for this adapt the Corporate Academic Career Management Model originated by Dr Ezepue to the goal of female career progress in organisations.

Similar approaches are employed in cross-professional CPD workshops. For example, we presented a seminar on the career enhancement model to UK members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN UK) in September 2011. The title of the seminar is

Models, Concepts and Strategies for Effective and Entrepreneurial Career Self Management: Laying Bare the Tricks that Drive Entrepreneurial Careers in Financial  Management

This seminar is an adaptation of a two-day workshop presented in August 2011 to academics and professionals at the National Universities Commission (NUC, Abuja, Nigeria), and the Universities of Lagos and Uyo, Nigeria, with main and sub-tiltles

Secrets of the Masters: Model-Based Hyper-Performance in the Business of Life

- Academics, Graduates and Professionals as Entrepreneurs: Laying Bare the Tricks that Drive Enterprising Academic and     Graduate Careers

The outreach activities are announced in New Events and Seminars/Workshop sections of the website.

Lessons from the activities are distilled for wider benefit of visitors to this website in AFRIHERO reports.