This programme draws academic and practical fillips from other AFRIHERO programmes, especially the International Partnership programme, in order to develop crucial solutions-focused perspectives on emerging global, national and continental issues. Examples of these issues are entrepreneurship, graduate and youth employability, space science, environmental pollution by, for example, oil companies, poor higher education curricula, lack of effective university-industry collaborations in higher education, crime and security concerns in different countries, and gross corruption and ineptitude among leaders and managers of organisations. The programme collates stories in these areas from time to time and provides related blogs, media releases and position papers, which debate the nature of joined-up solutions to them by experts across academia, industry and government. These solutions are often referred to underpinning research topics located in relevant AFRIHERO programmes such as the SSGS, International Partnerships and Political Economy Scorecard (POLESCORE) research programmes. The programme emphasizes the study of World Systems within which these issues are located, for example higher education, health, finance economics and globalization, leadership and governance and associated reports from world bodies and global research think-tanks. Hence, it is also intimately linked to issues researched within the AFRIHERO Development Studies and Informatics Research Programme.