This research programme takes beyond theory and into practice accepted research traditions and results in the wider areas of strategy, integrated business modelling, business model innovation, and internationalisation theories, which accommodate such theoretical facets as stage theory, resource-based view of firm internationalisation, cyber-mediated internationalisation, international new ventures and born-globalism.

The programme fills identified knowledge gaps regarding not only how firms in different industry contexts respond to these miasma of theories (theory building perspective), but also the nature of integrated business modelling that facilitates the creation of Google-style born-global firms (BGFs) or born again global firms (BAGFs) in different industry sectors (model-building perspective).

The PhD research programme remits of this important area of research focus on these twin perspectives. Within the research, the PhD student is encouraged to create a website or an experimental BGF which uses the resulting insights to develop a realistic working model expected to fruitfully support the envisaged creation of similar BFGs in their respective fields, industry and country contexts.

It is therefore expected that such a BGF will be incorporated into full-fledged cyber-mediated knowledge-firms by the student and research team, in their roles as academic entrepreneurs, and with a view to enhancing the economic development of the host countries.

In sum, the innovation edge in this research programme is evidenced by the radical departure from traditional PhD research which typically ends mainly with theory-building to the incubation of innovative BGFs, where possible. See related notes in the Business and Finance, Business/Big Data Analytics research programmes, including remarks on related PhD topics.