Similarly to the Integrated Business Modelling research programme, this research programme arguably for the first time globally enunciates a fairly radical agenda of research into model-based optimisation of human performance in organisations. Doctoral research conducted within the programme draws from fields such as mathematical modelling, applied statistics, informatics and related software development, career and self-development theories, heuristics and analogical reasoning across disciplinary boundaries, for example business, finance, complexity science and organisational theories.

The programme is supported by research conducted within the Statistics, Information Modelling and Financial Mathematics (SIMFIM) Research Group, Sheffield Hallam University UK ( The SIMFIM group is led by Dr Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE, see his profile in the Resource Persons part of this website.

It aims to develop Google-style born-global firms (BGFs) which will implement innovative solutions to cogent knowledge-based problems. Examples of these solutions are:

  • Innovative research ideas listed in the PhD Research Topics section of the website;
  • an Integrated Corporate Academic Career Self-Management (ICA) model;
  • a related app and software (Careersoft);
  • a web-enabled Corporate Academic Research Structuring System (CARESS ©), which is currently used to structure the SIMFIM PhD topics in this website;
  • innovative publishing using a STELLARTEXT model; and
  • an African Research and Teaching Excellence Framework (ARETEF).