To resource AFRIHERO engagements in all areas of client services discussed below, we agglomerate our consultants and resources under a number of research and consulting programmes.  Selected AFRIHERO programmes, which complement work in the main research programmes earlier described, include:

1.      Mathematical Sciences

2.      Science, Engineering & Technology

3.      Health and Well-being

4.      Business & Finance

5.      Social Sciences & Humanities

6.      Complexity Sciences

The beauty of this arrangement is that AFRIHERO develops as a university of ideas and best practices that unites communities of academic, professional, diplomatic, government, international development experts, and other specialists across the globe, with a focus on rapid socio-economic development of concerned countries. This arrangement draws from the research and specialist knowledge of these consultants without having to re-invent the wheels.

It is, therefore, noteworthy that AFRIHERO maintains links with the best universities, research centres and organizations that are the professional homes of the researcher-consultants. For example, for all-round competencies vital to work in Africa, AFRIHERO maintains links with the Association of Commonwealth Universities, Association of African Universities, Ministries of Education in different African countries through both central AFRIHERO databases and consultant interfacing.