For far too long, a majority of well-written textbooks in key disciplines are foreign authored. Whilst these textbooks expose African students to core constructs of the disciplines, there is an imbalance of local and global examples. This is not to discount the plethora of equally well-written texts authored by African scholars. Again, a reverse problem occurs with these texts as they are dominated by local examples.

There are some injustices in the traditional publishing industry which result in texts being priced out of the reach of students in Africa and other developing countries. At higher levels of learning, we notice a tendency to label most journals published in Africa and developing countries as ‘non-leading’, whilst those in other parts of the world as internationally leading. Whilst there is nothing wrong in encouraging African scholars and professionals to publish in such journals as global scholars, there is urgent need to create internationally leading journals in Africa, with a focus on issues that are not well-covered in other journals.

The above problems motivate us in AFRIHERO Publishing to fashion innovative learning resources that are not only fit or the 21st Century but also widely accessible to teeming students and staff of African Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) particularly. 

As noted in the summary of activities in the various research themes, the ideals of excellence aimed for in AFRIHERO learning resources include using case-based, student-led, innovative curricula and associated texts to produce deeply skilled, reflexive and creative graduates, who are able to hit the ground running in (self)employment.

Consequently, the AFRIHERO Publishing imprint makes it a religion to revamp academic and professional publishing in the continent through the following activities:

  • Research on a signature writing model which produces best sellers in academic writing and use of the model in producing stellar texts with a balance of local and global examples
  • The development of a culture of syndicated authorships by which experts in specific subjects are guided to write such stellar texts using core principles in the signature model
  • Convening of specialist workshops to train selected syndicate groups from time to time not only on the signature model, but on how to adapt it to disciplinary nuances
  • Creation of an African Higher Education Magazine to disseminate interesting news in the sector to wider audiences
  • Creation of internationally leading e-Journals in the 5 main AFRIHERO research themes – Education & Entrepreneurship; Innovation & Creativity, Statistical Modelling, Business and Finance, Development Studies/Informatics, and CRM/ICT/Project Management.

The AFRIHERO Publishing programme is co-led by AFRIHERO Lead Consultants in the above research themes and managed overall by the Director of Strategy, Research & Innovation, Dr Patrick Oseloka EZEPUE.

A number of titles are currently being developed for production through AFRIHERO Publishing and will be widely disseminated as and when ready.